This week MJ & Bree Welcome the entrepreneur founder of The Cake Ballers, trainer at TruFusion, AND mommy of three Jenny Boone-Wells. 

Thank you to The Cake Ballers for sponsoring this episode AND our November swag giveaway! Order some sweet balls for the holidays or ANY day here

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  • Have you ever watched SNL’s Schweddy Balls? If not you should because the episode starts off like an SNL skit.
  • Bree talks about her first concert which makes all the girls admit which Spice Girl they think they would be.
  • Want to play some of the hardest Fuck Marry or Kills? Stay tuned!
  • Shout out to Kelsey from Doughp! Listen to her episode SHE BAD!
  • Remember Leanne G from the Hot In Here episode? Jenny and The Cake Ballers fueled that episode.

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A decade on air in Las Vegas, locals have grown with her on air from a single ‘Vegas’ girl, to wife and mother to a little Diva. A fixture on the Alternative Rock market in Las Vegas, MJ gained notoriety hosting MJ in the Morning on KVGS. A move to Sirius XM in LA to host her Adult Talk Show Pillowtalk with MJ on Radio Sex 103. CBS Broadcast offered a return home to Las Vegas to rock KXTE X107.5

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