“Get ready to play the Getting to Know You Game with MJ and Bree!”



Catch up every Wednesday with MJ & Bree

  • Find out which celebrity went to Bree’s high school!
  • A listener reveals she is more of a “Bree” when it comes to the BDSM Quiz.
  • Bree found a new true crime podcast! They are local in Las Vegas! Shout out to True Crime Guys!
  • MJ and Bree are late for EVERYTHING and they are asking for help from punctual folk!
  • Find out which alcohol makes the girls cry, and which makes them want to fight.
  • MJ and Bree admit what annoying roommate traits they have, and find out that it MIGHT be a good thing they’ve never tried to live together.
  • Both girls admit they WERE IN BANDS! They send love to those still hustling in the music business! Do you want your music featured on the podcast? Do you want your band to be interviewed by the girls? Find out how to do it here!
  • We want to talk to your band, and play the getting to know with you join the conversation via Email or Twitter…
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A decade on air in Las Vegas, locals have grown with her on air from a single ‘Vegas’ girl, to wife and mother to a little Diva. A fixture on the Alternative Rock market in Las Vegas, MJ gained notoriety hosting MJ in the Morning on KVGS. A move to Sirius XM in LA to host her Adult Talk Show Pillowtalk with MJ on Radio Sex 103. CBS Broadcast offered a return home to Las Vegas to rock KXTE X107.5

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