MJ & Bree are joined by  radio superstar and social media influencer Sandee Bonita. She is here to inspire and remind you to take your dreams to the next level!

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  • Are you thinking about starting over…a new career…maybe even a new relationship? This is the episode to listen to! Sandee relates with us about setting boundaries, knowing our worth, and how it is okay to say no to things, even if they are huge.
  • The girls all discuss staying in a relationship because of all the time you’ve been together versus actually loving the person you are with. Spoiler Alert: time and comfort with a person does NOT mean love!
  • Have you ever taken a huge chance on something that didn’t pan out? This week our superstar teaches us to NOT beat yourself up over it. You did the thing, you took the chance, and even though it didn’t work out you won’t be sitting there wondering what might have been!

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A decade on air in Las Vegas, locals have grown with her on air from a single ‘Vegas’ girl, to wife and mother to a little Diva. A fixture on the Alternative Rock market in Las Vegas, MJ gained notoriety hosting MJ in the Morning on KVGS. A move to Sirius XM in LA to host her Adult Talk Show Pillowtalk with MJ on Radio Sex 103. CBS Broadcast offered a return home to Las Vegas to rock KXTE X107.5

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