The ladies head to Tivoli Village for a guest who bailed on them…then they run into THE JUICE, yep OJ Simpson at the bar…and people had feelings. If you ran into him what would you do? 

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  • Since they had a guest who bailed last minute MJ and Bree have a fun catch up where they respond to some NEW getting to know you questions.
  • The girls talk about sex…go figure!
  • Bree admits which celeb couple she wants to be in a love sandwich with.
  • MJ came up with a new pop culture game that she throws at Bree…how does Bree do?
  • The girls decide at the end of the episode they want to go to the movies together after all the celeb talk so they leave you with the knowledge that they are going to see Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.
  • Let us know YOUR responses to the new GTKY questions…

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A decade on air in Las Vegas, locals have grown with her on air from a single ‘Vegas’ girl, to wife and mother to a little Diva. A fixture on the Alternative Rock market in Las Vegas, MJ gained notoriety hosting MJ in the Morning on KVGS. A move to Sirius XM in LA to host her Adult Talk Show Pillowtalk with MJ on Radio Sex 103. CBS Broadcast offered a return home to Las Vegas to rock KXTE X107.5

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