With so much to celebrate MJ & Bree  haven’t had much time to catch up just the two of them…

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  • MJ and Chris celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary and finally take out the motorcycle for a ride downtown to party at the bar they met at 11 years ago.
  • MJ & Bree talk about their one year anniversary party…who sang what and how drunk did they actually get?
  • Thank you to our podcast family for coming out to the one year party! The alternative babe tour in 2020 is happening!
  • Bree & her Bestie go out to a late night comedy show…wait till you hear what shenanigans Bree gets into.
  • Bree talks about some of the photo shoots she’s been doing including one for Alternative Dream Clothing with another one of her best friends. Will Bree ever admit she is a model? She hasn’t yet.
  •  The girls share a self love challenge: start manifesting what you want! Do you want a loving relationship? Manifest it! Are you looking for a new successful career? Manifest it! Do you just want to feel happy? MANIFEST IT! (just google how to get there!)

PSA from MJ’s Dad-The Chief: “Women need to meet men at Home Depot & Men need to meet Women at the Grocery store. The two things you need to run a household, someone to fix things & someone to cook!”

He wants everyone OFF the dating apps.

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A decade on air in Las Vegas, locals have grown with her on air from a single ‘Vegas’ girl, to wife and mother to a little Diva. A fixture on the Alternative Rock market in Las Vegas, MJ gained notoriety hosting MJ in the Morning on KVGS. A move to Sirius XM in LA to host her Adult Talk Show Pillowtalk with MJ on Radio Sex 103. CBS Broadcast offered a return home to Las Vegas to rock KXTE X107.5

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