What Should I Eat Before And After Workouts?

You could talk to 5 personal trainers, and get 5 different approaches, but when gathering tons of information, this is the basic guideline if you are wondering where to start – MJ

What to Eat Before Your Workout (light)
Pre-Workout 30-40 minutes prior : some form of complex carbohydrate (easy digestable for a fuel boost) and a protein (to initiate muscel recovery)


yogurt & berries

oatmeal & blueberries

apple or carrots, peanut butter

veggie, hummus

cottage cheese and fruit

prtoein shake

Click here for great clean eating recipe ideas for pre& post workout bites!

What to Eat After Your Workout (hearty)
Post-Workout 20-60 minutes: protein and a little carbohydrate is best immediately after exercise. You really want to repair damaged muscle fiber faster & refule glycogen stores.


1/2c brown rice, sweet potatoe, quinoa with chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef etc

whole grain sandwich with turkey, tuna etc

protein shake (whey 10-15g of protein)

egg, veggie scramble

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Please feel free to share your favorite pre or post workout foods in the comments below!


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