Things To Do In Las Vegas with MJ: Pub Crawl On Wheels!

Once visiting another city, I saw the coolest bicycle contraption cruising down the street blasting music, full of the sounds laughter and fun…it was a “bicycle bar” filled with folks rocking and rolling! I wanted on!

While cruising groupon yesterday, looking for fun stuff to do for my birthday in Vegas, I stumbled upon our very own bicycle contraption drinking party thingy right here in Vegas… Cycle Pub Vegas!

  • 14 passenger bicycle
  • hit up to 10 bars in 2-3 hours
  • any kind of  party… or just a regular hump day
  • BONUS! Bring your Ipod and have your own party playlist blasting down the street!

How do I set it up? call (702) 706-5084 or email to find out more information.

And please, don’t forget to invite me! MJ


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