How FACEBOOK Can Make Your Relationship…Stronger?

You see those couples on Facebook where they post nonstop pics and adoring posts about eachother constantly…and it kinda bugs you right? Well a recent study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, shows that couples who define their relationship in the public forum create stronger bonds. (Here we thought they were just showing off to hide something)

More on the study, click here

People will annoy you on Facebook, no matter what they do from too many selfies, baby pics, animal pics and my least favorite… negative whiney posts to get attention. So basically we all annoy and entertain each other, so what do we have to lose by throwing some props our loves way to create a stronger bond.

And if you prefer to keep your relationship to yourselves and more of a private engagement, at least toss up an “in a relationship” status and defiantly LOSE the “it’s complicated”. MJ

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1 thought on “How FACEBOOK Can Make Your Relationship…Stronger?

  1. Who is more active on social media, you or your partner? Do you feel more valued if your partner uses social media to gush about you? Do you feel hurt if they do not?

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