BEST & WORST Tatoos And Peircings For Women…Per Men!

THE WORST: I kinda knew it before I clicked the link…yep, the TRAMP STAMP aka The lower back tatoo. (Sigh)

It wasn't coined the "Tramp Stamp" until years later!

It wasn’t coined the “Tramp Stamp” until years later!

This was from a survey conducted from (Who cares what men think anyways, right!)

THE BEST TATOOS & PEIRCINGS: They say hip tattoos and belly button piercings

Men are still loving the 90's belly ring though!

Men are still loving the 90’s belly ring though!

THE WORST PEIRCINGS: They say it’s a tie between the nose and the lady parts

Maybe with the right shade of lipstick, we can stil get away with it?

Maybe with the right shade of lipstick, we can stil get away with it?

BONUS: Over 50 percent responded that they are attracted to piercings and tattoos on women…so if, like myself, you fall on the worst list, I guess, you are still on the cool list!

Well, as a girl from the 90’s, when tramp stamps were cool, I too fell victim to a cool tribal heart, butterfly stamp…and I still think it rocks! haha MJ

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