A New Low For Dumping Someone…

If you think breaking up with someone using a text message is impersonal, this takes that to the next level.  Now you can hire BreakupShop.com to dump someone for you with a text message. (How you think this will save you from an angry ex is beyond me…but here’s the scoop…)

They have several options.  The cheapest is a breakup text for $10

"Oh NO HE DIDN'T!" thinkstock.com

“Oh NO HE DIDN’T!” thinkstock.com

. . . the most expensive are a phone call or a personalized letter, both of which cost right around $30 . . .

"Are you F*%#ng kidding me!?" thinkstock.com

“Are you F*%#ng kidding me!?” thinkstock.com

or $40 if put a 2-hour rush on it. You can also pay to add on a gift to help the person get over you . . . they offer things like Netflix gift cards, “The Notebook” on Blu-Ray, and cookies.

"A breakup gift?! WTF!!" thinkstock.com

“A breakup gift?! WTF!!” thinkstock.com

If you think you are awesome at dumping people…this may be the job for you, because they are hiring now for “heartbreakers”.

Applying for 'heartbreaker'...here's my headshot. thinkstock.com

Applying for ‘heartbreaker’…here’s my headshot. thinkstock.com

On another note, if you do use this service and pay someone to dump someone for you…then you have bigger problems. 


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