3 Times It’s OK To Do Nothing…


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Ever been in a heated argument and said or done things in hindsight you wish you hadn’t. When you feel yourself getting to that point, STOP, BREATHE AND DO NOTHING, 0until you clear your head and figure out where the anger was coming from and the way to move on or re approach the issue.


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photo credit:thinkstock

But I have to do this, this and that, but I am exhausted. STOP, BREATHE AND DO NOTHING, for even a few minutes. Take a rest, maybe you can’t nap, but you can rest your body and mind and detach from all your to do’s and you will find yourself ready to take steps to tackle everyting one by one.


photo credit: thinkstock
photo credit: thinkstock

Sometimes we may feel the need to continue what we were doing, even though we are feeling sad and emotional. STOP, BREATHE AND DO NOTHING. Sit with your thoughts and listen to yourself as to what is really going on and how you can take action towards feeling better and healing.

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The moral of this, is when you find yourself feeling a bit out of control….it’s OK to STOP, BREATHE and DO NOTHING. Listen to yourself and you will begin to understand how to take steps to control the uncontrolable issues that come your way –MJ

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